I'm doing

git clone ssh://<username> Gramps

As written in the wiki page.
At 50% that is already 100 Mb.
Is there no way to quickly check out only gramps40 for users that don't want the entire history? That would best be added there. I think for other projects I can directly check out a branch which is faster, but too lazy to research on it now as I need everything anyway.


2013/11/8 Benny Malengier <>

2013/11/8 Nick Hall <>

The conversion of the Gramps repository from Subversion to Git is now

Details of how to clone the repository are available on the wiki:

For the developers, you need the ssh method. 
So if you don't have ssh keys yet, generate them:
and upload to PUBLIC part to sourceforge by pasting it in the box at

Please, please, please, choose a VERY strong password for this.


To find out more about Git, you can visit the Git website:

I recommend the excellent Git Book:

Users of the git-svn mirror should re-clone their repository.

Let me know if you have any problems.



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