Big changes in trunk. But not finished, please don't commit yet.
I need to rename src into gramps, but am having problems, I'll only be able to do it in a couple of hours.

(svn mv src gramps did not work as expected locally, deleted everything but did not add everything again, will need to start from scratch for that).

If you haveĀ  patches in trunk, go to the __src__ dir and do there
svn diff > mypatch.diff

Then, make sure you remove trunk/gramps file, this was in svn ignore, it should no longer be in svn ignore.

Don't do svn up yet, wait for my go on the src to gramps name change. When that is ok, following will have changed:

First, src will be renamed as gramps. This is needed as we want to use gen as a separate module, and import from gui/cli this module without working relative, so we need import gramps.gen ...
To avoid needing build after every change, src must be renamed gramps, so that you can work from your branch without building.

src/ is renamed gramps/
This is needed as grampsapp puts gramps on the PYTHONPATH on execute as all python code, but then import gramps... is no longer defined as it referes to the gramps directory, not to So it is

To use gramps simply, trunk has a Gramps file, which sets things up, and uses a workaround for the time being. This workaround must be removed before release!

So to start gramps then from trunk do:

python Gramps

That's it!

Many changes still to do to have all imports correct, but they can be done as time permits.

Ok, have to go now, I'll do the rename from src to gramps later. If you do svn anyway already, you can make gramps work, but you need to create a soft link for gramps:

ln -s src gramps