It seems to be something very strange.

The piece of code


returns in gramps32 a list of matches, while in gramps 34 it returns None.
Doing a diff between the two versions of placecompletion does not show what can cause this.


2012/6/19 doug <>
Hello Mathieu,

Comments in-line:

On 18/06/12 21:51, Mathieu MD wrote:
> Hello,
> AFAIK, I don't think the "Parse title:" is made to accept
> any custom regex except the 4 availables (I didn't check the
> code, though).

AFAIK it would have been possible to assign the 9 fields in
At the time I wrote the Parse Title section in the Wiki
article on the Place Completion Tool I could assign 5 fields.

> If the bug #5780 is due to the fact that a custom inputed
> regex is not parsed, then I guess it's not because it would
> be overrided by "Change title into:", but simply because
> it's not implemented!

You may well be right; if so, some code that existed
previously must have gone missing. Unfortunately I don't
know when that might have been.
At the time the Wiki Parse Title section was written, the
custom examples Regex A and Regex B did work exactly as
described, because I used them on several databases imported
from the IGI.

> By the way, "Change title into;" do have a blank option: "No
> changes".

As far as I remember, "No changes" used to be the option I
set in order for the custom "Parse Title" to work; in other
words it behaved like a blank option. I've been assuming,
perhaps incorrectly, that it's now behaving as a positive
option *preventing* Parse Title from having any effect.

> I just tested below patterns (with Gramps 3.4.0-0.SVN19344),
> and it does seems to work as expected, in the right order
> (ie. first parse title, then change title):
> - "Parse title: <empty>" and "Change title into: No changes"
> - "Parse title: <empty>" and "Change title into: City[, State]"
> - "Parse title: City [,|.] Country" and "Change title into:
> No changes"
> - "Parse title: City [,|.] Country" and "Change title into:
> City[, State]"
> Am I missing something?

As I said, originally Parse Title allowed *free-form* regex.
This provides only a few pre-defined options.


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