2013/5/15 Enno Borgsteede <ennoborg@gmail.com>
On 15-05-13 12:25, Tim Lyons wrote:
> As a developer I know how to update my Ubuntu svn repository to the
> latest version and run that. But as a user, I run my Ubuntu Software
> Centre and get the current stable version of Gramps for that version
> of Ubuntu.

> But you say I should update to the latest version, and I don't know
> how to do that. (I am NOT saying this for effect - I am sincere. I
> suppose that I should somehow tell Software Centre to look in the
> stable Gramps repository for the latest version or tell Ubuntu apt-get
> which I suppose amounts to the same thing. But I really don't have any
> clear instructions as to what I should do or how to do it, and at the
> moment I don't feel inclined to investigate).

For FreeFileSync I receive regular updates via a launchpad PPA:


The download instructions presented here work for me as a user, and I
assume that we can set up something similar for Gramps, as instructed here:


To be honest, I have no idea how difficult this is to setup, and whether
we need to use the existing launchpad Gramps account for that, or can
create a new account for this. What I do know is that the update
mechanism works for me, as I receive updates every few weeks, regardless
of Mint packaging policies.

yes, this works good, but in the Gramps tradition the core developers don't do the packaging. We could start to do that, but then somebody needs to step forward and set up a PPA.
Looking at the direction Ubuntu is going, I don't know if a PPA will last more than 2 years. As always, it's a matter of the manpower behind it. Personally I'm content with the way of past: interested people making a package here and there for a distribution, which we pick up in sourceforge. I don't mind though if somebody would set up a fixed team for releases, be it ppa or AIOwindows. Such an effort should be sustained a couple of years though before we make big announcements already in the release notes.




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