Helge, as you note, we are using GTK 3.4 features.
You can see that in the API also:

where it is written: from 3.4

As said, we only check for pygobject 3.3.2 at the moment, which was released for GNOME 3.5.2. So for the linux developers, we must assume that is the lowest version of libraries they are using.
 The version  numbering of GTK components is difficult to understand with every subproject it's own version.
I don't think we use a lot of GTK 3.4 features, and officially gramps40 only requires GTK 3.0 (see grampsgui.py), so you can submit a bug ticket for this. The solution should be: add a check for GTK version before calling it.

So add there:
if (Gtk.get_major_version(), Gtk.get_minor_version()) >= (3, 4):
    call the kinetic scrolling setting

If Gramps really needs GTK 3.4, then we need to bump up the requirement in grampsgui.py. README has version requirements also, and also there only GTK 3.0 is given.

About the Gdk issue, the API for that is here: http://developer.gnome.org/gdk-pixbuf/stable/
I don't see that utf8 method here. Only http://developer.gnome.org/gdk-pixbuf/stable/gdk-pixbuf-File-Loading.html#gdk-pixbuf-new-from-file
It seems to have been present in version 2.24: http://developer.gnome.org/gdk-pixbuf/2.24/gdk-pixbuf-File-Loading.html
So you could add a check there:
 if (GdkPixbuf.PIXBUF_MAJOR, GdkPixbuf.PIXBUF_MINOR) <= (2, 26):
     use the _utf8 function


2013/1/19 Helge.Herz <Helge.Herz@web.de>
I've got some good informations from the programmer behind http://opensourcepack.blogspot.de/p/pygobject-pygi-aio.html:
+ He don't reject the idea of a new version: "I will give it a try again when the last stable point release of GTK+ become available, maybe 3.6.5 or 3.6.6?"
+ And based on additional information I did better understood how the interfaces of these packages are defined (see into GI-
As special case I learned: instead new_from_file as method of GdkPixbuf.Pixbuf this package provides a method new_from_file_utf8
                Does some know something, about such naming differences?
I did just try to use this other method and Gramps does a lot of things more than before (drawing the main application including a lot of details of Gramps, asking for a database, did build on request a new data base).

I got an gramps.ini file in the gramps40 folder and a gramsdb\50f87e59 folder containing:

But I got the next error (it would be to simple otherwise):
  File "C:\ProgrammeNeutral\GrampsAIO32_Gramps4\share\gramps4\gramps\gui\viewmanager.py", line 1237, in __create_page
ERROR: 'Dashboard' failed to create view
    page_display = page.get_display()
  File "C:\ProgrammeNeutral\GrampsAIO32_Gramps4\share\gramps4\gramps\gui\views\pageview.py", line 399, in get_display
    self.top = self.build_interface()
  File "C:\ProgrammeNeutral\GrampsAIO32_Gramps4\share\gramps4\gramps\plugins\view\dashboardview.py", line 65, in build_interface
    top = self.build_widget()
  File "C:\ProgrammeNeutral\GrampsAIO32_Gramps4\share\gramps4\gramps\plugins\view\dashboardview.py", line 76, in build_widget
    self.dbstate, self.uistate)
  File "C:\ProgrammeNeutral\GrampsAIO32_Gramps4\share\gramps4\gramps\gui\widgets\grampletpane.py", line 988, in __init__
AttributeError: 'GrampletPane' object has no attribute 'set_kinetic_scrolling'
also the next line "self.set_capture_button_press(True)" doesn't work with the same error.

Looking into GI- (gir file for gtk stuff) I found this information: Version 3.4 for set_kinetic_scrolling and set_capture_button_press.
I'm sure I'll have a higher versions of this stuff some one but for the moment I have a dead end.
So I'm looking forward to newer binaries and typelibs.

==> Where do I find the minimum requirements for all needed packages for Gramps 4.0? Currently I tried to use available packages. But now I have to way for packages matching these minimum requirements.
- Helge

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