Also fanchartview is now working again in trunk.
Fortunately It is simpler now. I embedded it in a scrolledview, but should perhaps automatically center the scrollbars to center on the middle.
I added tooltips with birth/death on mouse over. Would be nice to allow drag and drop, which should not be that hard to add.


2012/8/22 Benny Malengier <>

2012/8/4 Benny Malengier <>
Pedigreeview in trunk is working again.
All non Cairo stuff has been removed, so this update bug is present, as in 3.4. We will have to investigate deeper for that.

The update bug is now fixed in trunk for me, also fixed branch34 for the specific issue.
For people doing drawing with cairo in GTK3, pedigree view is a good example. If somebody could let met know if Mac OS X can handle it? Anybody working on windows port?
It uses Gtk.Grid to put widgets in a grid, converted from Gtk2 table.
Then drawing everything.

I still need to fix an icon issue in the context menu. After that, I hope to have time for fanchart. Should somebody want to tackle fanchart already, let me know.