2011/8/11 Rob Healey <robhealey1@gmail.com>

I have noticed that for a long time now on NarrativeWeb's IndividualPage's Narrative/ Notes section that the display seems weird to me...

When an individual has more than one note attached to themselves that there is a Narrative Header section for each note rather than one header section and each note is listed within the one section....

It currently displays as:

blah blah blah

blah blah blah

so on and so forth....

It is something that should be changed or not?  This is outside of the normal or NattayiveWeb as a report style.

There is usually one header and everything comes beneath it...

Follow up duplicate headers could get another div element, so that depending on the css it is hidden or not, yes?


Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey

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