2012/3/23 Nick Wallingford <nickw@beekeeping.co.nz>
Absolutely - existing accounts will not be impacted at all (hopefully!)

The intention is to move the amount of time currently spent chasing and
deleting the spam pages (Jerome, I think, does most of this?) to the
'front end'.

It does make the initial registration more onerous.  And I will be
cutting the amount of bio required back to, say, 5 words.  If someone
registers and says "Can I have a login please?", they'll get approved I
expect - then get zapped if they spam...

The intent is not to get a real bio - it is to see if it is (1) a real
person (2) who is not planning just to spam the wiki...


If possible, change the text for this bio to something like:

Are you a human?
Please provide a short text of minimum 50 words from which we can deduce you are indeed an honest human, eg a link to a genealogy site of you, just some random text you write explaining what you want to edit on the wiki, ... . Don't write private things though!
A human will look at this text, and decide if you are human, and if so, give you access to edit the wiki. Good luck, and sorry for the inconvenience.


Tauranga, NZ

On 23/03/12 16:41, John Ralls wrote:
> On Mar 22, 2012, at 4:45 PM, Nick Wallingford wrote:
>> I'm trialling a 'confirm account' extension for our wiki to try to reduce
>> the work in keeping it spam free.
>> Now, instead of just creating an account and immediately creating content,
>> a prospective editor for the wiki will need to fill in a short form, giving
>> username, password as usual - but also provide a short bio.  It appears to
>> require 50 words or more - I'll check about modifying the wording and
>> re-consider that minimum once I get the extension fully working.
>> For any of the Bureaucrats (yes, that is what MediaWiki calls the super
>> admin types...) you can go to Special Pages and see any confirm account
>> requests, and then deal with them - approving, deleting, etc...
>> To begin with, I'll make sure to do this regularly, but may eventually
>> want to pass on that job.
> Hmm. Seems a bit onerous, especially since I've gotten quite bored with posting bios all over the place and have taken to just providing a link to my Google+ "about" page.
> Will existing accounts be grandfathered?
> Regards,
> John Ralls

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