Probably an Error in the English text. The pot file holds the source file which has this text, so providing a fix for the English should be easy.
The solution is to solve the English text. It is good check_po gives a warning and due to this we can fix English :-)


2013/5/26 Harmen Huizinga <>
Hello all,

Could somebody tell me what's the rationale behind not putting a dot at the end of a sentence? As a translator I always add a dot when translating English text into Dutch, but this week someone told me that when I do that the translated text pops up when running the command check_po.


msg nr: 3630, lineno: 20209
msgid ""
"Media directory %s exists. Delete it first, then restart the import process"
msgstr ""
"Mediamap %s bestaat reeds. Verwijder de map eerst en herstart vervolgens het "


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