2012/10/19 Allan Topp <ad707@ncf.ca>
Thanks for the prompt responses.

However, I'm being attributed with emotions and knowledge incorrectly.

I did not say I was annoyed, I said I was disappointed.

I'm sorry to say that I had missed the references to the lack of a maintainer.

I did not know that it had been Rob Healey and I certainly did NOT know that he had passed away.

And, given the terminology, I assumed (obviously incorrectly) that someone "in authority" assigned the bug to the maintainer (or whomever) rather than, it seems, it gets assigned when the maintainer takes it on.

I also was NOT trying to shame anyone, just trying to bring it to someone's attention on the off chance that it had fallen between the cracks.

I'll happily re-post the issue as a feature request but since, I suppose, it will fall to the same person, perhaps I'll wait for that person.

And just for the record I think Gramps is WONDERFUL.  And I DO appreciate all the work that has gone in to it.

Thanks again


p.s. and sorry for the hornet's nest I appear to have opened up.

It is not really a hornet's nest, just a sensitive issue, as everybody in open source has a different attitude towards bugs/features. This goes from people who just don't care, to people who sleep bad because of it.

Just for the record, the best way to bring issues on the tracker to attention is:

1/ ping the ticket by posting on it.
A bug is only for a limited period visible on the front page
So if nobody had time to look at bugs while it was there, it can fall between the cracks. A note makes it visible again.

2/help with bug triage: correct descriptions, correct tags, extra information. Only a few developers are doing that (Jerome, Paul, ...), the other developers mainly depend on these few people to bring the bugs to their attention (using eg the _reminder_ link at the top of the screen). In my case, work on Gramps is limited to a few weeks here and there during the year, for an overview of the bugs, you need a little time continuously.

3/if above is not helping, post about it on the mailing list in a friendly manner/positive attitude (best is devel mailing list, not user) with request for some extra attention and why it is important to you.

4/developers will put important tickets on the roadmap by setting a target. This gives an overview of which bugs _should_ be fixed as time is available: http://www.gramps-project.org/bugs/roadmap_page.php
These are bugs the core developers will fix in due time, even if they would rather do something else :-)
As long as your bug is not assigned to a developer, this is the next best thing.

5/we don't (or only rarely when we know it is correct) assign bugs to developers, as this gives false hopes to the user. A developer assigns a bug to himself when he has time to actually work on it. This is why 2/ and 4/ above are important