First of all,

Make sure you have a backup of the file you try to import. Importing it self might change the file in unwanted ways.

Very old db files are no longer supported, you would have to install an old version of Gramps, use that to import and export to the xml file format, then import the xml in the latest version.
Normal old db files should be named as xx.grdb, and should import, if you have also backed up and reset the hidden data in ~/.gramps

If nothing works, you can send it via private mail to me.


2011/11/28 Hal Wolfe <>
I have '.db' gramps from an older version of Gramps. I now have 3.2.0-1 version loaded and can not get it to see/read old gramps db's.

 What can be done to get these to be readable? This is obviously important to continuing my research into my family's genealogy.

Using Ubuntu 10.04. FWIW, I do have files in Brother's Keeper, a Windows program, if anyone knows how to import that information.

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