2013/1/6 Adam Stein <adam@csh.rit.edu>
On Sun, 2013-01-06 at 22:03 +0100, Benny Malengier wrote:
> I added PIL to README couple of days ago because I saw latex output
> used it to create correct images (as latex only supports some image
> types).
> It is not essential, and I fixed bug in latex generator, but did not
> test yet if images actually show (my test famtree of the moment did
> not have images).
> So, not having PIL will just mean in latex output less pictures are
> available.

Not having PIL will also remove the cropped images in the output reports
(that includes any output format that supports images, not just LaTeX).

Ok. On linux, relying on imagemagick is not difficult. On other platforms that might be a problem?