2011/9/3 Peter Hargreaves <peter@pdh-online.info>
Hi Folks,

Using Kubuntu 11.04 with Gramps 3.3.0-1 to generate a Web Calendar with Mainz
stlesheet and the option to create a "Year At A Glance" Calendar.

The  "Year At A Glance" Calendar does not render properly when viewed with
Firefox 6.0.1 as follows:

1) The months are aligned left, appearing partly outside the page of

2) Blank days in any month display as holes in the partchment, showing the
background behind the partchment.

3) The view of One Day Within A Year has partchment missing from the content

I've looked in the bugs db but could not be sure this was known. Could someone
please check for me and advise me how to proceed.

Best is to create a new bug ticket and add there all the info you mention here, and perhaps a screenshot in case the developer is on an older machine.


Many thanks,

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