We release source code, so release message is for that, however annoying users might find that. People following announce are not users, they are normally packagers. The main reason to notify users of releases is so they can start bugging their packagers for easy install methods.

We don't release lines packages, windows installers or mac bundles. We do include them on sourceforge if we are notified of their existence.

We need to hurry release instead of waiting, for following reasons:

1. I'm fed up waiting :-) Things need to move to keep a good feeling. We had several alpha and beta releases. We will not see drastically more testing by waiting. Some developers already run trunk instead of gramps40.

2. If we wait, it's not like packagers will actually feel pressure to do something. Many things have been fixed only at the moment Gramps developers start pushing, be it spell, osmgpsmap, ... . That's how the OSS release cycle seems to work for smaller projects that don't controll the entire stack. We don't need Ubuntu including our stuff, but we need Debian testing and archlinux and friends, as those do set a standard.

3. A windows package will only obtain momentum after release. We don't control that.


2013/5/15 Tim Lyons [via GRAMPS] <ml-node+s1791082n4660192h69@n4.nabble.com>
Benny Malengier wrote
For 4.0.0, here a design for a release message. When do you plan 4.0.0, I
see on bug list you mention Friday somewhere?


2. Linux: We expect Linux packages for different distributions. Gramps 4.0
will only work on distributions released since October 2012, use virtualbox
for older distributions. Some optional dependencies are not available yet
on most distribution at the time of release. If you want those, you need to
install them from source, see Ubuntu derivatives walkthrough in the
installation guide for these [8]. Specifically for Ubuntu derivatives spell
checking, geography view and exiv image data require installation of source
3. Windows: Much work has been done the last months to obtain the stack
needed for Gramps on Windows. At the moment only a rough guide on source
installation is present [9]. We hope this will allow windows developers to
construct an AIO installer as for the 3.4 version

[1] http://www.ohloh.net/p/gramps/estimated_cost


(1) I agree that the timetable for release of 3.4.4 was less than desirable with many last minute changes.

To avoid that with 4.0.0, can I suggest that we have a more formal timetable for 4.0.0. For example, we could say:
(a) no more code changes after say 2359Z Sun 19th May 2013,
(b) and then a week to allow translation, so no more string changes after 2359Z Sun 26th May
(c) and then release thereafter.

These dates are just to illustrate the suggestion, and are not necessarily those you would want to go with.

I am not sure I see the hurry. For Linux, the important thing is when the 4.x series gets into the official distributions. With the problems of spell-checking, osmgpsmap and gexiv2 needing to be installed from source, I can't see that happening any time soon.

(2) I like the cheek of the estimated cost, but does the figure include only one copy of each file, rather than multiple copies, for example for superseded names and for versions of files. If we don't have any idea, this risks being a contentious figure that distracts attention from the release itself.

(3) As I have asked before, who is the release for? The walkthrough instructions are for installation from the svn, not from the stable tar or deb, so they are developer instructions, not user instructions.

I have the same problem with the instructions for gramps3.4.4 "We advise everybody on 3.x versions to upgrade to this latest and most stable of Gramps versions.". As a developer I know how to update my Ubuntu svn repository to the latest version and run that. But as a user, I run my Ubuntu Software Centre and get the current stable version of Gramps for that version of Ubuntu. But you say I should update to the latest version, and I don't know how to do that. (I am NOT saying this for effect - I am sincere. I suppose that I should somehow tell Software Centre to look in the stable Gramps repository for the latest version or tell Ubuntu apt-get which I suppose amounts to the same thing. But I really don't have any clear instructions as to what I should do or how to do it, and at the moment I don't feel inclined to investigate).

I have prepared:
as a draft replacement for the Downloads page and also for the installation page, but I don't know what to say to users to update their Gramps.


By the way, at the moment Narrative Web is the same on 4.x as on 3.4.4 (because I am trying to do maintenance fixes in parallel) so I don't think your mention of Narrative Web is correct.

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