2012/11/26 Enno Borgsteede <ennoborg@gmail.com>
 > Interesting. It's still a Gtk app, though. Unless Gtk has been ported
to Android...

Like this?


Looks rather empty at the moment, but a Google search on gtk for android
reveals that more than a few are thinking about this.

OTOH, even if Gtk is there, I doubt that the current Gramps UI will work
nice on a tablet or a phone, so a redesign of that will be needed
anyway, and as a part-time developer, I don't have time for that.

We have done some tests already. With QML for Nokia meego, but that stopped (perhaps on blackberry soon though). And some python-for-android stuff, but the packaging there to the future is unclear.

Main problem for Gramps is that we need stability. We need something python based to be able to rreuse all non-GUI stuff that will still be around in a couple of years, as OSS is slow moving force. We don't throw resources towards the new hot thing like companies seem to do.

For the moment, Gramps-connect is the way to have Gramps on mobile closed devices. Once a plasma-active tablet or dual boot ubuntu tablet is out, normal gramps will work (but not much touch friendly stuff).

Once the mobile wars have settled down, it will be clearer what is the best toolkit to support on mobile.




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