2013/5/27 Nick Hall <nick__hall@hotmail.com>
On 26/05/13 21:23, Benny Malengier wrote:
1/ After Pub. Info field, add a Generate button. On clicking a wizard starts to have user input a full correct citation. So user sets source type to one of those values defined in 'Evidence Style', and the GUI indicates which fields must be given, showing as he types the resulting F, S and L reference (whatever F, S, and L stand for ) . All code to make this possible is in srcattrtype.py.

I don't like the idea of a generate button and a wizard.

We should display the fields necessary in the editors, and only fields that are needed for the source type. If "Author", "Abbreviation" or "Pub Info" are not needed, we shouldn't display them.  Likewise for "Date" and "Volume/Page" for citations.

I agree, but when things become complicated, we need or a bigger editor windows to show all, or some sort of guided data entry.

My current thinking is:

1/ Instead of the tab 'General' for source and citation, we show the tab 'Overview', which would have only few fields editable that make sense, and then show concise the important things.

2/ For a new citation/source, user starts on a new 'Definition' (??) tab. Here he can give source type. Setting a source type, generates the fields needed as per the template definition. Note that some people have asked already for some other editors such a setup, with overview on not new objects with a nicer layout.

3/I would like to enable some copy paste function though on the Definition tab. So, I would like to offer some mechanism to quickly copy paste or select existing parts of title/pub info (for users fixing imported gedcom or old gramps sources), and to import a bibtex and select fields from that. Perhaps a bottom part with buttons, or drag and drop to a top part with the actual fields? Need to try some GUI ideas for how to do this.

4/ In the definition tab, if entry is in a table, column for author, pubinfo can be added with checkbox to indicate what to use. Idea here is that we don't need our old Title,  Author and Pub Info, but we do need to make clear to users what would be exported to Gedcom, as that is important. In Overview this could shown in a Gedcom section.

Note: Abbreviation is for your local indexing system, so this is an editable field on Overview, just like privacy.

As to Title, Pub Info and Author, perhaps best to make those just Attributes and deprecate them. Same for Page/Volume in citation. Date is special, as allowing the use of the date editor is not something we want to loose...