2013/2/2 Chris Kinata <ckinata@gmail.com>

Hi…I have a tree of ~700 people, and I would like to print a ‘focused’ descendant chart containing
only a subset of the people I want to highlight. Thinking presently that it would be cool to
be able to assign a certain tag to only the chosen few, and then filter for that tag in a Descendent
chart. In this case, the resulting chart would consist of about 40 out of 700 people, which
I could save as an SVG file and then play with the SVG graphics in Inkscape or similar.

If you create a filter for the people you want as Peter says, there is no need to tag.
If the selection is more difficult, you can probably create a filter for  almost everybody you want in the report. Then on person list view, select the filter, and select.
Now click on a person, and press CTRL+A to select all people in the list.
Now in Edit-Tag, give them the tag you create for this selection.

Now manually, or with another filter, add the other people you want in your selection.

You can now create a filter to select people with this tag to create a report.

As says, if the people can be obtained with a person filter, using this tag is not needed. Using tags to store different branches in one family tree is advantageous though.


Is this possible? Or is there some other way to achieve this result? The only other options
I can think of at the moment are:


1) To copy the entire tree, and then in Gramps delete everyone but those I want.

2) Generate the entire chart of ~700 as an SVG file, and then in Inkscape manually delete the ones I don’t want.


Both methods are suboptimal because they aren’t repeatable, and are defined negatively (i.e., require
in this case ~660 actions of deletion).


Best regards,




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