That is the package python-gnome2 in Ubuntu is made from:

If you don't use the old gnome2 desktop, removing it should be no problem.

The source is:

I don't know what causes the issue. Don't have Gnome installed.
Looking at the code in gnome-python, could you try two things?

1./ we import gnomevfs in /gen/mime/_gnomemime
Could you in of the gen/mime directory not import that? It could be that importing gnomevfs overrides the things we need.
I'm actually pretty sure.., so remove that and test
This seems an old pre introspection package, so we should not use it.

2/ I do know that we try GConf import in gui/ That seems new gi.repository code, so should work I think... Nevertheless, if 1/ is not the reason, removing GConf is the next try.

Of the other gnome things in that package, we don't use anything as far as I remember/see


2013/1/6 Paul Franklin <>
On 1/6/13, Nick Hall <> wrote:

>> This F18-TC4 seems to have no "python-gnome2" (see list
>> below), and in any case I find myself reluctant to remove
>> system packages which other programs might need or want.
> These packages are required for some applications, so removing them is
> not an acceptable solution, but this is the only way to run Gramps with
> Gnome at the moment.

Then I guess I'll continue my current status (being unable to run
gramps40), and wait for the long-term solution to eventually arrive --
especially as I don't even know what to try removing.

> If you have any useful information that may help with a solution, please
> add it to bug #5972.

I will post my email message there.

I am of course willing to help find a solution, including trying
new things or running instrumented versions (if somebody else
somehow prepares them, or perhaps provides explicit details).

Perhaps if somebody knows how to run virtual systems and has
the hardware to do it (I have neither), they can try Fedora 18 and
see if the problem appears for them?  Just a thought.

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