Name is ok for me!


2013/5/21 jerome <>
Is "We have also developed a tomato which can eject itself when an accident is imminent." a good name for '3.4.5'?

I just have to test options on book and textual reports[1], then I will be ready for the '3.4.5' release!


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De: Benny Malengier <>
Objet: Re: 3.4.5 ...
À: "Jérôme" <>
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Date: Dimanche 19 mai 2013, 20h23

2013/5/19 Jérôme <>


This issue merits a new release first week of June or so. Let's give it two weeks in case other things pop up[1]

About translations for 3.4.x, it seems that translators who wanted to update them, already did it for 3.4.4 (or just after the release).

Note, I will be busy from end of may to mid june.

Should we also think on a next 3.4.6 release, to try to complete roadmap for 3.4.5[2], or to move some issues to 4.0.1?

We should move 3.4.5 issues to 3.4.6 if we are forced to do a release earlier. As 3.4 is still developed, issues can remain on 3.4.6, we only move to 4.0 if we stop 3.4 development.

In light of your schedule and that of John, I hope you can find a fitting day for the releases.