2013/3/20 Nick Hall <nick__hall@hotmail.com>
There was a bug in my fix of the citation bottombar gramplets (bug #6336):

6336: Delayed update of bottom bar in Person View after merge


It has now been fixed (r21701), but users of v3.4.3 will see an error in
the Family, Event, Place and Media views before an active object is set.

Do we need to warn users of this?

If I understand this correctly, this is not a blocking bug? So things work, but an error pops up?
Unclear from bug 6336 itself.

If so, this is on merge, in a bottombar, so annoying but not the biggest problem. If people would not be able to merge, it would require a new release.

Can you post a working work-around (eg remove bottombar gramplet)? If no 3.4.4 is needed for this, 3.4.4 should be out in a month or two.

I'm sorry that this wasn't tested properly.  We didn't get any feedback
from the reporter, so I don't even know if the original problem is fixed.


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