No idea.
I would guess related to a bug where this was the correct action.


2012/7/27 Doug Blank <>
I'm trying to track down the cause of a database corruption, and
noticed in that when a child has no reference to a family,
the child is removed from the family:

                    if family_handle not in \
                        # The referenced child has no reference to the family
                        # This is tested by TestcaseGenerator where the father
                        # is "Broken8"
                        logging.warning("    FAIL: family '%(fam_gid)s' "
                                        "child '%(child_gid)s' has no reference"
                                        " to the family" %
                                        {'fam_gid' : family.gramps_id,
                                         'child_gid' : child.gramps_id})

Wouldn't it be better to add the family to the child, if possible? The
current behavior seems wrong.

Anyone know why this is the way that it is?


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