2012/10/20 Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net>

Why v3.3 instead of v3.4.1?

Yes, this is a strange choice. Support for 3.4.x will be easier.


Have you tried it on Ubuntu using v3.4.1?

What *exactly* are the contents of your DB_CONFIG file?

On 10/20/2012 05:42 AM, Martin wrote:
> I currently have a Rootsmagic V3 database with about 1.2m people entries.
> I am stuck on V3 because of performance problems with my data migrating to
> V4 and V5.
> So I need a solution, which is either:
> - write my own (java and mysql)
> - use another package.
> I have exhausted most of the proprietary packages and I am currently trying
> to get Gramps to work.
> I have installed it on both Ubuntu and Windows-XP. (version is gramps 3.3).
> My problem is importing the GEDCOM which is 1.25GB in size.
> After 12 hours (on windows) it says it is at 25% loaded and I think it is
> slowing down the db directory has 1310 log files, the person db is 332Mb and
> the notes db is 1.4GB (will that be a problem given it is so far at only
> 25%!). It is currently using 1Gb of the 2GB of memory of the machine and
> running at about 50% utilisation. Happy to leave it running for several days
> on a machine which is doing nothing else. Even if I leave it to completion,
> assuming it won't fall over will it work with any degree of performance? I
> also have plans which will take the data up to 4m entries, and no I don't
> want to split the data up and for sure can't do that with the existing data.
> I tried using the instructions about the DB_CONFIG file but it pops up a
> message saying there is invalid syntax, which there isn't (copy and paste
> the contents).
> Any views on how to progress?
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