2013/3/30 doug <dougrb@o2.co.uk>
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On 30/03/13 18:00, Benny Malengier wrote:

Two things:

1/ For Gramps 4.0.0, Python 3.2 will be experimental still.
Problems will python 3 will not hold back release, as 2.7 is
still how we expect distributions to run Gramps. These bugs
need to be fixed off course, but are not as critical as bugs
with python 2.7.
I just want to make this distinction clear, so we can focus
on a release. So for these type of bugs, clearly indicate
they are python3 bugs, so they can be triaged correctly. The
GTK3 switch also causes a lot of problems though for plugins
in python 2.7, so things must be tested for both settings.
Thanks for testing and reporting these issues though!

Sure. I just thought it might be useful to assemble outstanding python3 report problems in one place rather than have them scattered around and maybe some of them get overlooked.

2/ We have set up gramps-addons in the past, with the
specific intention that non core plugins should not drag
down the development of Gramps. Although most plugins are
maintained by core developers, officially Gramps is not
responsible for them, and problems there should go to the
plugin author, and will not slow down Gramps releases.


I'd be glad of clarification, though - where do I find a list or lists distinguishing core plugins from gramps add-ons?

Don't know if the plugin manager shows this....
Obviously, all those you downloaded are addons. They are in the
ls ~/.gramps/gramps40/plugins/



2013/3/30 doug <dougrb@o2.co.uk <mailto:dougrb@o2.co.uk>>

    Quite a number of reports are not installable or
    non-functioning in gramps 4.0.0, Â svn 21818.

    I've collected them together in bug reports #6587 and #6586
    to avoid deluging the tracker with issues.

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