Looks nice.
It was a big change to do in branches that normally only see bug fixes. I assume this is mostly because we have not talked about a 4.1 one yet. It should seem clear I'm not in the possibility to handle a 4.1 push, as I did for the previous spring-early summer releases in the last years.

Is there somebody else who wants to do this this year? It involves a lot of testing and some extra eye for quality assurance.


2014-03-16 19:37 GMT+01:00 Nick Hall <nick__hall@hotmail.com>:
On 16/03/14 16:49, Jerome wrote:
> Note, to set True for focus seems optional, on this section.
>  i.e. it works too without the focus!
> Should we ignore this change from patch?

No, keep it in.  It looks like we are exploiting a bug which may get
fixed in the future.
Thanks, good work!


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