2012/11/5 salamandir <salamandir@spamcop.net>

On Monday, November 05, 2012 01:45:46 PM, Ron Johnson, an eminent manifestation of divinity, wrote:

> On 11/05/2012 12:37 PM, salamandir wrote:

> > i was under the impression that the gramps data was stored in a .gramps

> > format file, which is created when you first start gramps.


> Unless I'm grossly misinterpreting what you wrote: no.


> The .gramps file *is* the backup.


if that is the case, why is the .gramps file that i have backed up for the past 4 years, corrupt? if the .gramps file /was/ the backup, i wouldn't have a problem...


> Are you confusing .gramps the file extension with .gramps the subdirectory?


i may be confusing the two, but i have both the file and the subdirectory backed up.

A .gramps file is only created if you explicitly choose backup or export from the Family Tree menu. Just as other programs, you give the name of the file, and gramps saves it. This is a good way to store gramps data off site. From your text it seems you did this only 4 years ago, so this is the data you see. Obviously, it should not be corrupted, but things did change a lot from 4 years ago. The .gramps is a zipped file, so if you unzip, you should find a text file that is extracted, which you can read in gedit.

Gramps itself, while running, saves everything in the .gramps hidden directory. So if you have backups of that, everything should be recoverable.

Best is to _copy_ your backup .gramps directory over to the current one, in Precise, specifically, the .gramps/grampsdb folder.
Then, if you start gramps, it should find this directory and show your previous family trees. As you did a big upgrade, opening a family tree will pop up a dialog, indicating it will upgrade the family tree to the latest database format.






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