There has been a long discussion about this before on the user or devel list. Please post there and contribute decisions to the GEP:

We don't mind adding a gender, but it must be a well worked out design. Many things have to change for something like this.

Another stumbling block is that GEDCOM does not support this, so export to another program of this data is not possible.


2013/4/7 Jonas Stein <>
The predefined gender values are male/female/unkknown

I propose to add "intersex" for cases where the gender is not "unknown"
but known to be intersex.

This leads to thinking about how to tag transgender people in the
database. I guess from the point of a genealogist the gender at
birthtime is the gender in the database.

But perhaps someone has a good idea how to handle this correct.

Jonas Stein

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