This is indeed very sad news.

Most of us knew his health was bad, but not that there was risk of death.
He was still committing changes up to two weeks ago.

I can't think of anything we could do to lighten the pain of those left behind, should somebody have an idea.


2012/6/27 Jason Simanek <>
Hello Gramps Devs,

I saw this yesterday via Rob G. Healey's Facebook account:

to allthe friends and family of my beloved husband Rob, I'm very sad
to inform you that Sunday June 24th Rob passed away. I am work[ing] on
service arrangement today and will post the information here as soon
as I can.

Rob's loving wife Michelle

Don't know if this is publicly accessible, but there are some photos
of Rob here:

His wife asked me to let you all know.

His reach often exceeded his grasp, but Rob was a friend and an
energetic member of the Gramps community. He will be missed.


Jason Simanek

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