2013/6/26 Jiri Kastner <cz172638@gmail.com>
i would like to add from addon new button to categorysidebar. is it
if not how to do that?
some background:
as more and more czech archives put their archived materials online, most
of research i do on actapublica.eu, but this is javascript/flash based
solution which completely freezes gramps, and switching between windows
is not the way i want to continue.
so my idea is:
to have 'Research' button, which leads me to 'research' view, which will
contain canvas for images and some bottombars and sidebars for metadata
and transcriptions.
i would like to know, if it possible to do it only 'via addon' or will be
better some generic research ui with particular backend addons.
thanks for any advice.

Did you fix this?

You can register new views as you want via a view plugin. I suppose if you indicate it should be in a catergory Research, that Gramps will just generate a new icon for research in the sidebar, with a generic default icon. You should test it, if it does not work, we can change the code to support that.


best regards
jiri kastner

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