Quite some mails already about this.
It is unclear to me from the roadmap if there is a specific bug for this issue.
Can you make a new bug ticket, or rename
so it is clear what the bug is really about.

Then, is somebody actually working now to fix it? Without a real bug ticket, I can't determine if somebody is taking action.

We cannot avoid 3th party plugins containing print statements, or print in CLI output or print statements that have been forgotten in the code after testing, or basic test code that contains print.

So a solution that redirects print for all of gramps should it occur, would be nice.

Apart from that, as a general rule, print statements should be avoided outside CLI and tests, and use the LOG system. With LOG, it should be easy to avoid print I assume.

grep -r ' print ' * | grep -v '.svn'
I see that not many places need this fix. All in cli and webapp can remain for now.


2012/5/27 Paul Franklin <>
I don't use LOG statements myself, so I am no expert, but
I'm just trying to help by pointing out to a wider audience
that we have been getting some 3.4.0 bug reports which are
apparently being caused by unqualified LOG statements, ones
which always type out (instead of only when you turn on some
switch) -- or maybe even a "print" (I am not sure).

Josip points out that "Windows GUI applications don't have"
stdout and such use "will sooner or later crash" gramps.

So if you know of such uses it probably would be appreciated
if you could do something about them before 3.4.1 is ready.


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