Those following trunk will have noticed I added a descendant fan chart view.
A bit more explanation in the blog post:

Several things can be improved, but I should drop this now for a while. I'm thinking of:

1. profiling to find what should best be optimized. The Victoria example starts to stress my laptop.
2. go to smaller fonts also in the non rotated text. Eg, if only 8 characters can be shown, start to reduce the font size to have more text
3. the box sizes are constants. I did not want too many options. Nevertheless, allowing a larger box size is probably not bad. Should be a class constant then however, instead of module constant.
4. add optionally birth-death year as a second line like on the fanchart drawreport. Together with 3., this is possible
5. a zoom in and zoom out button in the toolbar. There already is a zoom level set for the print of the view, so not difficult. The trick with zoom is to zoom the boxes, but keep the text size so the user can read more text. As the text is now 8 points, it might be better to zoom 0.5 and set text to 16 for the default.
6. drag and drop now works to change center person, could be used to reorder families, to add child to family, ...

I'm sure others might have other ideas. Happy hacking.