2013/6/27 Muhammad Bashir Al-Noimi <mbnoimi@gmail.com>


What the warning message in Import XML.py "Gramps ignored namemap value" does? I couldn't understand the term "namemap".

Actually, it would be best to change this string, as no user will understand it.
It is the title of the warning dialog with message:
 'Your Family Tree groups name "%(key)s" together'
                            ' with "%(parent)s", did not change this grouping to "%(value)s".')

This warning happens if you import a family tree that groups A with B but you have in your family tree that you group A with C.
So, use what would be a good title for that dialog, and perhaps do a bug ticket to change the English to something nicer.

Best Regards,
Muhammad Bashir Al-Noimi

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