Great work.

I don't know about the translations myself, hope somebody else has an idea.

I have some time next weekend and the weekend after that.


2012/4/28 Tim Lyons <>

Benny Malengier wrote
> 2012/4/6 Tim Lyons &lt;guy.linton@&gt;
>> Is there any appetite for doing 3.3.2? Given apparent shortage of
>> resources,
>> I would be inclined not to proceed with that.
> I would prefer if both are done.
> We just need someone to pull this, so we can ask Stephane to release.
> I have an important solicitation coming up, which is why I missed the end
> of March to finish up.
> As the major change is your citation change, perhaps you can finilize 3.4?
> So finish roadmap (by eg moving to 3.4.1), some final testing, actually
> installing gramps with make install, and testing the installed version.
> If this is ok, then you pass the baton to Stephane to decide on a time of
> release, which should be when you are actually available to help the days
> after release, should a follow up release be needed shortly after due to
> an
> unforeseen problem.

The roadmap is now OK (0005702: "Fadder" in DeepConnectionsGramplet does not
look like a bug) I have done the make install, but the translations are
installed in /usr/local/lib/locale/<lg>/LC_MESSAGES/, and they
don't seem to be found there.

this page of the wiki:
says the translations are looked for in /usr/local/share/locale.

Which is right - am I doing something wrong - I am not very familiar with
the translations?

Stephane, how are you fixed for bringing out a new release shortly?


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