2011/9/1 Peter Hargreaves <peter@pdh-online.info>
Hi Folks,

Thanks for all the feedback.

I used Kubuntu 11.04, Gramps 3.3.0-1 to generate my Narrated Web Site.

The problem is that the top of the parchment (old crumpled paper) is missing
on every page. It's the bit that should be the background of the heading "My
Family Tree" and it concerns the following code:

       <div id="header">
               <h1 id="SiteTitle">My Family Tree</h1>

and the corresponding css (in narrative-screen.css):

#header {
   margin:0 auto;
   padding:5em 0 2px 0;
   background:url(../images/Web_Mainz_Header.png) repeat-x top left;

As an experiment I edited the css to:

#header {
   margin:0 auto;
   padding:5em 0 2px 0;
   background:url(../images/Web_Mainz_Mid.png) repeat-x top left;

and sure enough, the Web_Mainz_Mid.png background was rendered correctly!

So, I examined both Web_Mainz_Header.png and Web_Mainz_Mid.png with the Gimp
to see why the first might fail to render while the second renders OK. It's a
guess but the obvious difference is that Web_Mainz_Header.png is partly
transparent - to create the freyed top edge of the partchment.

My conclusion - that IE6 & 7 are a bit dicky in that they fail to display
background png if that png is partly transparent.

Can anyone confirm? Ideas for a fix? Many thanks.

It should be fixed in later IE versions:

The only work-around is to not use a transparent png. So best to eg resave in gimp without transparency if you want to support IE6 and 7.

Question is, should we add a non-transparent png to Gramps, and check in the css on IE6/7? That is above my own knowledge of html/css.




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