2011/8/23 Brian Matherly <brian@gramps-project.org>
>>NarrativeWeb (or some GV based reports like FamilyLines or addons) use their own custom options, often added after different feature requests.
>>Well, I am maybe wrong, but I suppose a good illustration might be the Exporter wizard/assistant: export plugins to differents formats using the same export model and advanced filtering feature.
>>So, proxies run on database with the same way whatever options set.
>>Items/options/categories could be some current Page classes and/or options.
>>The idea could be extended by the ability to select multiple options/pages together, like book report. Flexible and easier maintenance.
>>This makes sense for all reports : Database -> reports -> proxies -> report options. Advanced filtering (also private, living, backreferences) is "parent" of report options.
>>So, I suppose this is how pluggable NarrativeWeb may look like ?
>Yes. Apart from the full complexity of that, a simple wizard can be created too. I'm sure you have used programs that have a wizard to get started with a document, probably libreoffice has it for some parts (create a letter,...)

The problem with a wizard is that it won't fit into the current report options framework. Also, keep in mind that we want to be able to run the report from the command line (and other alternative interfaces in the future). Perhaps, if there are NavWeb "plugins", each type of page could be a plugin, and each plugin could define its own tab on the current ReportOptions dialog.

My idea would rather be that the wizard can create the ini file with the options to then run narweb, or select between a set of possibilities, to reduce complexity. It's not that we need the one button to do something approac, but the amount of options in narweb is already daunting.