2012/12/21 Doug Blank <doug.blank@gmail.com>
On Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 10:03 AM, jerome <romjerome@yahoo.fr> wrote:
The file is available under the 'unstable' section of the sourceforge hosting.



Thank you.

In fact, it was to know the file format (default for UNIX or default for Windows OS?, both?)

> There is a version string in setup.py as well as const.py.in - do we need to change both?

Yes, I made the change on setup.py, 'versionstring' will be used into const.py.in/const.py.

I just noted that webapp folder(s) is/are currently ignored.
Should we think on add them for next alpha/beta release(s) or to wait ?

Would it make sense to make a separate "package" for the webapp? The Python could get installed under gramps, it the webapp directory. There are additional files (the templates from gramps/data/templates) that could be installed somewhere else (share). 

If you wanted to look into making a separate package that would be great. For example, could we "python setup.py build webapp" or something? 

We might also think about breaking the current package into base/core/gen and everything else needed to run the gtk code. In that way, a webserver sysadmin could just install gramps-core and gramps-webapp without having to install all of the gtk-oriented code. (Not sure if webapp trunk can run completely without gtk... there was a dependency on gtk for some report document functionality before... I will check).

Nick looked into than when investigating distutils. I don't remember the conclusion :-) I think it was that it would be difficult with one setup.py. You probably could make a setupwebapp.py to install only the webapp and non-gtk, but then you need to split out gtk and non-gtk, while for the normal gramps releases we want to keep that together to avoid confusion with the users (so a single tar.gz).

Hence, I would suggest: a server flag to the setup.py script. WIthout the flag, everything is installed, while for the server flag, the gtk things are removed. We then offer a gramps package with everything and a gramps-server package for server install. Both packages would contain the core gramps code.