2013/2/10 Age Bosma <age.bosma@gmail.com>
On 09-02-13 23:53, Enno Borgsteede wrote:
> Age,
>     The CSV import would have to be extended. It currently does not allow
>     you to import sources and citations, just simple notes. Importing
>     sources and citations is essential to me.
> That can be done, but I don’t think that it’s really needed. That’s
> because GrampsXML already supports sources and citations, and it’s not
> too difficult to create.

By reading the CSV import documentation I was under the impression that
CSV was the only way to import partial new data, linked to existing
data. Is this not the case?

No, using GrampsXML is general in the sense that you can describe with it all the relationships you might want to import in the way Gramps understands them..
Every object in Gramps has a handle, so to import partial new data, you need to know the handle in the database (you could read that from an exported xml), and when doing the import decide if you want to overwrite, merge or do something else with the partial data.
Doug has been working on merging data based on time stamps, don't know where that code resides at the moment.


> Can you tell which site you were originally thinking about?

The site I'm interested in is http://allefriezen.nl/
I've already got an extensive family tree created, but that website
offers scans of original certificates. That's why adding sources and
citations is essential for me. I'd like to auto-download those scans and
link them to the appropriate events. The additional basic details the
site provides, extracted from the certificates, would only function as a
matching/confirmation/correction mechanism in my case, but it can also
function as a family tree creation base for others.


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