2012/10/8 Emegra <gduncan1960@gmail.com>
Hi Benny
Thanks again for your patience I agree with you 100% I should not be able to
have 2 folders with exactly the same name in the same directory but I do, as
an experiment I tried creating 2 folders with exactly the same name in my
Ubuntu One folder and it rightly wouldn't let me, So just to clarify the
path to the database is "~/Ubuntu One/Gramps/.gramps/grampsdb" and Gramps is
running fine from that database, the path to media is " /home/graeme/Ubuntu
One/Gramps/Angelas Tree_2012-10-03.gpkg.media" all this works fine on PC1

After closing Gramps on PC1 I open Gramps on PC2 as soon as I do that a new
grampsdb folder is written in ~/Ubuntu One/Gramps/.gramps so i have 2
grampsdb folders in the same directory side by side, I tried entering the
path in the preferences and deleting the grampsdb folder PC2 created then I
open the manage family trees dialogue box but no databases appear then I
check my Ubuntu One folder and I have 2 grampsdb folders again.

While writing this I think the problem has occured to me could it be that
because both PC's have different account names and therefor different
pathnames to the Ununtu One folder ie PC1 is called "graeme" and PC2 is
called "family",

Even though the pathname on both PC's is inserted in the preference as
"~/Ubuntu One/Gramps/.gramps/grampsdb" the home folder on each PC has a
different name so they each see it as a different path. it doesnt explain
why my Ubuntu One folder is allowing duplicate folder names but it might
explain why PC2 is creating it's own grampsdb folder. I suppose one solution
might be to create a new user on PC2 with the same account name as PC1 or
vica versa it probably wouldn't matter so long as both PC's shared the same
account name

I believe you are right. You want to use Ubuntu One in the same way as Dropbox (which works great on linux, so you can try that too). So you need a cloud directory that both computers can access and syncs between them.
Try it first with a word document. Make it on one PC, save it to Ubuntu One, then on other PC, open it, edit it, and save. Verify you can open the changed file on PC1.

Note that it is not bad if the .gramps directory is on the PC itself, and not on Ubuntu One. You only want the database directory in the cloud.


Anyway your thoughts would be appreciated and any suggestions how I can sort
this out

Many Thanks


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