Perhaps a windows users that is good at installing from source can extend
and write a recent (2012) how-to-install gramps from source in windows, so without the installer. Like that it is clear for people who don't want to wait, what they have to do. And we might attrack some developers on windows, that fix bugs before release.

I recently installed scientific software in python on windows (from source), and it are 3 A4 pages to explain how to install it, as opposed to the 1 alinea for installation in linux, so definitely not the easiest path, but possible.


2012/5/29 Nick Hall <>
On 29/05/12 20:14, Josip wrote:
> On 29.05.2012 20:51, Nick Hall wrote:
>> On 29/05/12 15:15, Josip wrote:
>>> Thing is that 3.4.0 Gramps version is quite broken on Windows so there
>>> is no point to release it.
>> What is the problem with the Windows version?  Is there a bug report for it?
>> I could only find - 5783: GrampsAIO32?
> Is not that god reason ;-)
> 5785 will show for most users really quickly for example.
> (it is quickest response i ever get from aio users)
> Anyway i don't feel comfortable making something i know it will not work
> for many users.
> How about instead pull code from branch instead using tagged revision.
> Branch should be pretty stable by definition.
I don't use Windows myself, but let me know if you need any changing the
print statements to use the logging system.


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