2012/7/30 Gary Burton <bury_lancs@yahoo.co.uk>
Hello Benny

Whilst working on some GTK3 fixes this evening I read in the documentation that Gtk.VBox and Gtk.HBox are now deprecated. The documentation suggests using Gtk.Box with the orientation property set as required, but ultimately consider moving to Gtk.Grid as Gtk.Box will become deprecated too.


We have lots of Gtk.VBox and Gtk.HBox in our code and glade files. What would you prefer to do - switch to Gtk.Box or Gtk.Grid. Moving to Gtk.Box is the simpler change but when Gtk.Box itself is eventually deprecated then the work will have to be done again to switch to Gtk.Grid.

For the time being I plan to continue fixing other GTK3 issues and worry about the deprecated VBox and HBox classes later once we have Gramps functioning under GTK3.

Ok. I noticed glade no longer offers hbox and vbox, so opening the glade files and saving them in GTK3 fixes this there. You need to set the orientation property indeed, I already wondered why our vboxes came out horizontally in glade.

VBox and HBox will probably keep working for a long time still.

Note that there is also a backward compatible part. This requires however
which I would like to avoid as they want to remove that somewhere in the future.
File: http://git.gnome.org/browse/pygobject/tree/gi/pygtkcompat.py
See there that pack_start and friends work as before




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