You can add a note to the footer for this purpose. See one of the tabs in the dialog to generate the website.

For pure html code to appear, you must set the note type of the note to 'Html Code'. Like that, the note will be copied verbatim to the website. This gives you one location to set your tracker code.


2012/7/28 Perkins, Jerry <>
On 07/27/2012 01:24 PM, Ed Hamilton wrote:
Is there a way to embed tracking code, like from Statcounter, in a narrated web site report?
It has to go just before the </home> tag near the end.
Thank you,
Ed H

     Most hosting services have statistics for your site.    Both my purchased service and my home site have AWstats which is very good.   I did notice that you are using two different sites, one for your blog and one for your database.

    The service that I use has Cpanel for the control panel, the I just go to AWstats, nice graphical statistics about my traffic.   In a search I found this AWstats page for a web site,

   PS, Liked your blog.

    Jerry Perkins

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