Gramps will be one of the projects of the week on sourceforge. So if there are people who would like changes in screenshots, ... , let it be known, or jump in.
They claim we can expect an increase in traffic, but personally I doubt many genealogists are seeing the sourceforge front page :-)
Should somebody want to suggest a writeup for guest blog on sourceforge, now is the time!

Thanks for the great work all, I think it's the first time we obtain this achievement.

BM and BM

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Dear SourceForge project admin,

Your project will be featured on the front page of for the week of May 27, 2013. Projects are chosen based on a variety of considerations, such as recent releases, interesting blog activity, or other related things.

Front page features tend to result in increased traffic to your project page, so you may want to take this opportunity to make sure you have the latest project description, screenshots, and project logo.

Also, since I know that several of you have more than one project, I've listed all the featured projects below (in no particular order - the list is random order on the front page), so that you'll know which one, and who you'll be sharing the page with.

If you'd like to have a guest blog post this week, please submit something to for consideration. Content should be community-centric, rather than promoting your company, and we reserve the right to edit your submission as necessary. 

Thanks for being part of the SourceForge community!