The forum has spam bot protection, and seems nice. I wonder if our mailing list will come out like that after upgrade. It seems to be this forum or classical mailing list. Something to look at after the upgrade.I like mailing list the best, but some people here already indicated they like the forum format better. If we would have both in a nicer way as current sourceforge archives, that would be nice


2012/10/10 Brian Matherly <>

In the next day or two, our sourceforge site will be upgraded to the new Allura platform. You can read about it here:

Most of the changes won't matter to us because we use our own issue tracker and Wiki. However, one change will affect us all: the subversion repository URL will be changed. After the upgrade is complete, you will receive an e-mail with the new SVN url. It will probably be easiest for you to just check out a new working copy at that time.


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