I could try with the patch if useful. I use grampsAIO3.4.2 under win7 and python 2.7
How to apply the patch?

On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 5:52 PM, jerome <romjerome@yahoo.fr> wrote:

I have a patch for properly displaying translated strings when they are passing through GtkBuilder via addons.

'GivenSurnames' and 'PlaceCompletion' addons are using .glade (UI design).
It works, except for displaying translations, which are using a specific local domain than the core one.

The current patch is rough (draft).
It only ignores glade module for gramps (core program) and set some variables related to locale... I know that it is OK under linux, the problem could be for others OS (Windows, Mac).

So, I am asking for testing and/or any idea for a better patch.

In advance, thank you!
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