Hi All,

Thanks for the nudge Tom.

I should remember to update more often - my apologies. (been a horrendous influx of stuff to do before the festive period - moving house etc... etc...)

I had to check a few things with my IT director and legal department about implications and such. The safest thing is that it gets hosted under my personal account(s) (which I don't actually use) - but they are also pre-paid for 5 years (3 /1/2 years remaining I believe - with every intention on keeping them going if I don't kick the bucket before then!).

Here goes:

I've created a simple app (Flask based) that is based on a simple twitter bootstrap template, with a bit of "bumph" about GRAMPS and a free sign-up option that requires an email address. Upon confirmation of an email, the user is able to upload a tree. There's some basic checking to see if it actually looks like a narrative web page - however for the first upload an "admin" needs to decide if it should be viable or not. The user upon successful upload gets to set a password via their admin page which can be used for read-only access to the tree. (I was thinking about using OAuth for facebook/twitter/gmail  etc... so that people can be invited (without a generic password) and view the page that way, but will look into that one later).

A tree can be public (also searchable) or private.

Uploads via the "tree admin" are automatically put in a git "bare repo" so there's a small amount of version control - and actually a "git push" would be allowed...

So - the code is going to go on github before too long

What I need is:

- I don't have domain names that aren't in use - is there one spare, or potentially a 302 or reverse proxy available from the main site?
- A couple of email addresses from core developers that I can randomise and send a password to



On 17 December 2012 01:00, Tom Kupp <tjkupp@gmail.com> wrote:
Any news on this front?

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