Hi Guys,

i am considering migrating my family tree to gramps. Gramps is full of useful features, it is a really great work.

Several years ago when i was young, i took over and rewrite the html family tree program that you refer to as Web Family Tree (WFT) in your File Format section of the doc. If the tree grows above a certain size, the raw csv, excel is hard to maintain. Besides, gramps provide nice feature that i would love to try.

1, i really like the way Web Family Tree displays the tree, for example:
This resembles to gramps pedigree view. Is that possible to show ancestors, siblings and descendants at the same time in pedigree. The doc refers to custom report, but is that clickable, i mean can user travel the tree? Is there a strawman example out in the web?

2, if i send the database file to one of my relative, and we do parallel update is there an easy way to merge the results, i.e. showing the differences, highlight the new part and the modification?