As I'm a translator of Gramps just my ideas. I don't know the real differences between the two version control systems. At this moment I send my changes in the Dutch translation to Erik and he commits it with svn. Every now and then I do an svn up to get the latest version of Gramps. If there is an equivalent command in git I don't care.

However, I really like the idea of translating Gramps with a webinterface, like launchpad but there are others that do the same thing. Everyone can make a suggestion on the website and the regular translators can accept or reject the translation suggestion. I don't know if this has something to do with (selecting) a version control, but maybe this could be taken into consideration.


2013/10/25 Nick Hall <>
On 25/10/13 17:37, Doug Blank wrote:
> For example, I see that some git hosts also allow editing files
> directly on the website. To me, that shows that not only is git a new,
> sophisticated tool, but it allows (or inspires) people to create new
> ways of doing things. This is really exciting to be able to make the
> interactions more accessible.
> So, I'm with you: if it makes it hard for regular humans to
> contribute, don't do it. But, if it allows new ways that are better,
> then we have to do it!

I agree.  We need something that is easy to use for translators and
other members of the community without much programming experience. A
good web interface might be useful for them.

> BTW, I don't find git to be any harder for basic use than svn --- just
> different. In fact the Windows client I have used makes it easier.

Basic use of git is really very simple.  The only extra step is that
once committed locally, a change must be pushed to the repository.

Many people will never use the more advanced features, but they are very
useful for experienced developers.


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