Dag Enno,

Thanks. The import was a long time ago, so that's not an option anymore. If I interpret your message correctly then there is no option within Gramps itself to do this (like it is possible with events).

I think deleting them manually is then the second best option. I don't feel confortable doing a grep/awk export/import.

Groeten terug vanuit Groningen ;) 

2013/5/21 Enno Borgsteede <ennoborg@gmail.com>
Dag Harmen,
> Before using Gramps I used Webtrees as my main genealogy program. When
> I started using Gramps I imported my GEDCOM-webtrees-export into
> Gramps. Webtrees uses _UID as an (person) atrribute and as such those
> _UID's are stored in my tree. I've never bothered about them, but now
> I want to get rid of them.
> The problem is how to search/filter on attribute. I've tried to build
> a filter in the "person" view but I can't find any reference to
> attributes. Is there a way to search by attribute? (Or is there a way
> to mass delete an attribute)
If you still have the GEDCOM created by Webtrees, this can be easily
done with grep:

grep -v "^1 _UID" borg.ged > new-borg.ged

The command above removes all lines that start with 1 _UID and writes
the result to a new GEDCOM file.

If you made some changes in Gramps already, things may be more
difficult, because I don't know if the current version of Gramps writes
_UID's as 1 _UID. It may put them in DATA blocks, which can't easily be
removed with grep. In such cases awk or even perl might be an option though.

I recommend the use of grep and a new import if you still know what
changes you made after import, and are able to merge those with the new
imported Webtree database.

groeten uit Driebergen,


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