Another possible way is to edit the unwanted people from the relationship view and give them a tag such as 'unwanted'. When you've found and tagged all the people you want to delete then switch to the people view and filter on the tag 'unwanted.


On 25 March 2014 12:04, Enno Borgsteede <> wrote:
> I am a big fan of keeping my Gramps data as clean as possible.
> Having discovered that I have recently followed a false lead,
> I need to purge out some people. I have a couple of questions;
> 1) Since the people I wish to purge out are (essentially) 1 sub-tree, what is the most
> expedient way to delete them? The easiest way to *find* them is via relationship
> view, but I can't delete from there.
Last time that I had a similar case, I used the relationship view to
disconnect the sub tree from the main one, followed by the not connected
tool to tag all people in that tree. This assumes that you have no other
unconnected people in your tree, but even if you have, you will see them
in the next step.

You can now switch to the people view, apply the not connected filter
there, select all (or not if you see some people that you wish to keep)
and delete. If these are a lot, you will have to confirm each delete,
and if you run Gramps 3.4, I have a hack for that.
> 2) Remove Unused Objects doesn't delete Citations. I assume this
> is a simple oversight following the change to the source/repository model.
> Might I request an update? (the code is so well patterned I could
> almost do it myself in a simple monkey-see, monkey-do style,
> but that strike me as not good in code which automatically DELETES
> data from a database!)
Please check the bug tracker for this. You can upload your patch there,
and let other developers test it, if you want.



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