Hi Nathan, 

My favorite approach would be to export your database as an XML file, making sure to include everything - don't have living people filtered out for example - and edit the XML file with your favorite text editor. Make a copy of the exported file and edit the copy. Use a text editor that has a good mass replace function. Then when you have updated the file to reflect the new reality, import the XML file into a new GRAMPS database and see how you did. 



On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 9:16 PM, Nathan Hall <hallnatec@gmail.com> wrote:
I believe that this question has been asked recently, so I apologized if it has.  I have recently changed computers and my media path has changed.  I was using a MacBook Pro and now am using a MacBook Air.

I can change the path for each piece of media individually but I was hoping one of you had a way of changing it on mass.  I have over 400 pieces of media and am willing to change each one individually but before I do that I thought I would ask.

Thank you


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