On 15 April 2014 17:09, Nick Hall <nick__hall@hotmail.com> wrote:
The ancestral charts look good.  I'm sure people will find them useful.  I couldn't get the descendant chart to work.  It only generated a heading.

If you get a chance to tar up what was produced specifically the files DescendantIndentedTree.html, js/indentedtree.js and json/indentedtree.json I can have a look to see what just the heading appears.
The imports need changing to get it working with 4.0, but I'll send you an updated version.

Just received, much appreciated.  Should I expect this to work for python 2.7 as well ?
For python3, you will need to get rid of the unicode function.  I see you are importing unicode_literals, so I'm not sure why you need it.

Just thought I had to have it, can remove all those calls if not needed.

Do you plan to put this code into the add-ons repository?

Would certainly love to add them there alas I don't have commit status etc, so would need a sponsor.



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